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Bob Anderson

Sword Master Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson died yesterday at the age of 89 and with his passing another legend of behind the scenes hollywood sword masters passes with him. He worked with Errol Flynn in Masters of Ballantrae, Antonio Banderas in his Zorro films, Johnny Dep and Orlando Bloom in The Pirates of the Caribbean, all three Lord of the Rings films, and the first three Star Wars films with George Lucas. He choreographed the fights as sword fights before they became, in the later Star Wars films, fights of acrobatic fancy with a little swordplay mixed in-between. Anderson was the real deal, fencing in the Olympics three times, coaching the national team, and from all the gossip you could gather, was a perfectionist that actors loved to work with, a gentleman, and an overall good man who simply fell in love with the sword as a kid. His style of choreography and his wisdom from working in the business so many years will be missed.