Open Wounds

Frida Khalo

Day 11: Dueling Dragons and Frida Khalo Treasure Hunt

My wife’s family is safely ensconced in our apartment – having to evacuate Rockaway Beach where they live before Irene hits. They have found the inflatable mattresses and as of this moment know how to work the cable remote and therefore the TV. We’ve been watching the weather report here. The sky is dark here also and the threat of thunderstorms – a constant in August anyway in Florida – has shut down the pool. We’re all reading, gaming, blogging in the giant lobby sitting in comfy chairs. Soon I will be drinking tea.

Earlier we made our last visit to Harry Potter-land. We will miss it. Tomorrow we leave. I left my stomach on the dueling dragon ride. Karen and Max watched me disappear into the gated line after viewing all the dozen or so warnings about quick turns, sudden drops, 360’s, and backward somersaults. Unless you are in perfect health and above 5’4″ you are not allowed to pass and ride the beast.

I rode the blue dragon.

It did indeed flip me over, twirl me around, make me go upside down and inside out all at an incredible pace and with centrifugal force keeping me plastered to my suspended seat. Yes, it is a suspended car roller coaster. I love these things. The whole ride lasted less than a minute and I felt mildly ill afterwards, even had some trouble walking straight for a few minutes after landing. But it was cool. Once was enough though, until next time.

Back to the treasure hunt I promised yesterday. So here it is. Frida Khalo is in my book, somewhere. Aldo Nadi is too but he is named and easy to find. Frida had a slightly larger part in an earlier version of the book but was scaled back in the finished version of Open Wounds. Find her. Tell me what page she’s on and what made you think it’s her. Here’s a hint. You can find her with four letter words. Now start the hunt.