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Non Sequiturs and The Dark Lord of New Jersey

My son wrote a story this year about a shapeshifter. I won’t go into details as someday he would like to publish it… but I will tell you it was 18 pages (script) long and had the hero fight “The Dark Lord” who happened to live in New Jersey.

I don’t think I have to say anything more other than I enjoyed the story immensely.

Once, when I was doing a training as part of a research study to show the efficacy of a hepatitis C training for staff at a methadone treatment program in Illinois, I crossed a small metal bridge with a sign on its walkway that said: “Please do not drink or swim in the river as it is toxic from industrial waste.”

Once we had a small fish in a fish tank. One morning it disappeared. It was not on the floor. It was not in the filter. It was not under any rocks or hidden in any crevasses. It disappeared and after further investigation we determined that it poofed, as in poof and it was gone.

So here’s my question for you.