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I’ve got the writing prompt at Got Teen Fiction today so go take a look at my post and let me know what you think. Try out the writing challenge too.

Got Teen Fiction

Words from W. Goldman

I’ve got inspiration on Go check it out. There are also still two writing contests open (yesterdays scrabbliscious and last Mondays prompt with Raife), a raffle for five books by the blog’s writers, and a copy of Cheryl Rainfield’s Scars.

You Got Milk and I Got Teen Fiction

Raife pulls a knife...

Got Teen Fiction blog starts today.

I wrote the first post.

It is supposed to be edgy. You can tell me if it is or is not. I will tell you that my colleagues helped me to edit it. We took out words like sodomy and BOP-POCL (BUREAU OF PERNICIOUS POWER OVER CHILDREN’S LITERATURE), but we left in shit.

It’s the first post and my colleagues were a little nervous about those words – except shit which we left in, like I said, but they were still nervous about it. Shit makes people nervous. So does the word sodomy. It was in reference to the last 14 states taking their sodomy laws off their books in 2003. Now at least you have context.

I see their point though. They’re telling teachers and schools to go visit our site – to send students there and if that’s the first thing they see they might be turned off and never come back – not the students, the teachers. I wrote two tamer versions of this post and my colleagues said they were too tame. I’m glad they went for the edgier version even with the edits. Working together in a group is an opportunity for constant compromise. That’s group work. I’m a group worker. I work in a group. And that’s no shit.
It’s funny because all three of my colleagues have written books that are realistic in each of their fictional worlds with heroines that are tough. Some are not shy about language either, or sex.
It has taken us four months to put this blog together, to organize it, to lay it out, advertise, and now post. We’re all in the NYC metropolitan area (one Jersey girl). I think it’s going to be a good site. I’m looking forward to contributing.
Here’s what there’ll be this week:
  • Today a writing prompt for a 100 word piece which, if chosen, will be published in two Fridays. Anyone can submit – teens, adults, anyone.
  • Wednesday is quote day and
  • Friday is an interview with Cheryl Rainfield (of Scars and Hunted fame).
I’ll be up the following week with a quote and some words of wisdom. We’ll also have a contest to win all five of our published books (including my Open Wounds) – all you’ll have to do is become a follower on the site.
No shit.
Check it out.
Leave a comment.

Three Chicks and a Guy

“Got Teen Fiction?” coming on the 23rd – a joint blog endeavor with three other YA authors (Karen DelleCavaShari Berger Maurer & Selene Bayrack- Castrovilla.). Okay… I’ll tell you the truth, the first name for this joint blog that was put on the table was Three Chicks and a Guy. Okay it might have been three chicks and Joe. In either case, I couldn’t deal with the stress so we went with Got Teen Fiction. Much better.

We all write realistic fiction (so far but who knows?) and all three of my colleagues are terrific writers so if you havne’t checked out their sites take a look to see what they’ve written. Key in any teens (teachers) you know for our contests. Every week we’ll have a short writing contest with the winner(s) getting published on the blog and getting a prize. The first contest will have a good one!

Writing is the subject. Teen fiction is the genre. January 23rd is the launch.

Book mark now:

Got Teen Fiction?

Coming soon at Gotteenfiction, a new site I’ll be part of…

Two week count down for the online opening…

In the mean time I’m back to my book and the click-clack of keys.