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Matthew Rush

Road Trip: Day 5 – Matt Rush

Matthew Rush at the Buckhead Diner

I dropped Karen and Max off at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and went to meet Matthew Rush, the incredible blogger who writes on writing, specializes in the query letter, is working on his first novel, and is an overall good guy. Check out his blog and post at the The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment about our lunch. I’m still laughing about what he wrote. He’s also got an interesting post about the publishing industry that’s part of a blog chain that’s worth checking out – specifically about self-publishing.

In person I was lucky enough to hear him speak about his work-in-progress novel – which sounds terrific – and to talk shop about writing with someone who quickly felt like an old friend. I’ve been a fan of his website and his writing for a while so it was great to get a chance to meet him in person. There’s still nothing quite like a face-to-face.

Now with Atlanta behind us and sitting in our room in Valdosta, just within the border of Georgia and not quite in Florida, I’m about ready for Universal on the morrow.