Open Wounds

Kindle Envy

I’ve wanted a Kindle for just about three years. I’ve been watching the electronic reader market in Publisher’s Weekly for at least the last ten years – watching it go from disbelief and negativity to raves.

It’s the death of the book! It’s renewed life for the book!

I’ve always figured there was room in the marketplace for books whether they were on an electronic reader, hardcover, trade paperback or mass market PB. The more formats the merrier.

So I’ve wanted one for a while.

My wife never wanted one but… as fate would have it her family (sister and father) decided to get her one for Christmas two years ago. She is on her second one already. She upgraded. She won’t even let me borrow it. I can’t even touch it. Or turn it on.

Now my son has one too.

I have Kindle envy.

I hope I have one by the time my book comes out in electronic format.

I’d better put another order in with Mr. Claus.

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