Open Wounds

Twelve Days and Counting…

Twelve days till Open Wounds hits its publication. It’s going to be a close run thing. I say this knowing my publisher at WestSide is busting her bum to reach that day so we can have copies for the BEA Bloggers Convention on the 26th. I may end up picking up the books for the event myself. WestSide is out in Lodi, New Jersey – not too far from New York City.

Also, I’m hoping that my son, my wife and I can see the first books roll off the press. Evelyn Fazio, the publisher, said it’s about the coolest thing to see and because WestSide is a subsidiary of EverBind (a binding company) they bind their own books right there in Lodi. I can’t wait. But I’m nervous about timelines.

I did the MAGPI workshop in Phili on Wednesday for three Ohio high schools but more about that later. My friend Dave and I fenced a little. I talked a bit. And the students wrote a bit. An hour goes fast when the lighting is on.

Back to the timeline.

  • Kids Reach Out skype interview is on Monday evening the 16th.
  • Sunday Big Blend radio interview sometime in the afternoon on the 22nd (2.5 million listeners!).
  • Book Expo of American at the Javitts Center in NYC on the 24 and 25 (with a trip to Lodi on the 25th?).
  • BEA Bloggers convention on the 26th and 27th – yours truly at the reception on Thursday and speed dating on Friday (after my son’s 3rd grade play!).
  • Book launch party in the planning for early June – more details to come…
  • ALA national conference in New Orleans at the WestSide booth – I’m there!
That’s all I have so far. More on MAGPI later.

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