Open Wounds

Bennet from Bay State Fencers

I sent a copy of Open Wounds to Ann and her son Bennet in Boston. I asked Bennet to write me and let me know what he thinks, when he’d finished. I got a beautiful, handwritten (some folks still write in pencil/pen and I’m a big fan of it) letter by snail mail. Bennet writes:

I loved your book Open Wounds. I liked how you described each fight move by move, and I admit that I probably wouldn’t have been satisfied had you just written ‘they fight’! 

Open wounds included fencing terms old and new to me and taught me about how different life was back during the depression. I hope you continue to write fencing-related books.

PS. Pistol grips rule!

Bennet’s mom sent these pictures of him reading Open Wounds under a sequoia at Merced Grove in Yosemite and, of course… fencing. He fences with the Bay State Fencers out of Somerville, MA. And yes, Bennet, I do believe pistol grips are cool, but Italian grip is the real deal. I have used French, Italian, and pistol and each has its plusses and minuses. But for me the Italian grip just speaks to me. And I believe in listening to the blade. One day, Bennet, we’ll have to see which one rules! Thank you (and your mom) for the kind words about my book. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Good luck in your competitions this summer and fall, and remember to have fun because of all the things that fencing is, it is above and beyond all others… simply fun to do.

He's reading Open Wounds!

A Closer Look...

Portrait of an Epee Fencer

On the Grounds going at it!

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