Open Wounds

Road Trip Day 1

We’re on our way to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. It’s 17 plus hours by car.

We must be out of our minds.

Harry Potter here we come. My son is very, very excited. Karen and I are too. We’re stopping in Baltimore, Raleigh, and Atlanta on the way down with short stops in Richmond, Greensboro, and Charlotte for bookstores too.

We’re going to hit as many independent bookstores as we can.

It’s old fashion, door to door, at stores that probably don’t carry Open Wounds but which I’ll pitch the book too and try to build up some interest in through face to face contact – in other words building relationships. I think it’ll work. Even if it doesn’t I’ll meet some great booksellers and see some great stores in different parts of the country that I’ve never been to before and that will be cool.


It will be. Even if my butt is sore from the 4-7 hour days in the saddle, I mean car, and I’m hopped up on too much caffeine, way past my coffee limit (watch out for the Tazo Awake tea latte – it’s deadly too). That’s what vacation is for.


Today we left Jackson Heights four hours later than we thought we would. Basically we were right on schedule… for us.

We hit an hour’s traffic on the BQE in Brooklyn. It was sixty road workers, most carrying “slow” signs, a few with machines of some sort, maybe replacing the pavement, many standing around. It was like watching a battalion on parade in yellow and orange wearing hard hats. It was six lanes condensed down to one. It took an hour to go maybe a mile, maybe two. My hair was standing on end and I had a silent scream locked in my throat. My son’s face was pressed against the side window. My wife took mental pictures to use on twitter and Facebook later. No, really, we got through okay but it was an hour! We soared through to Baltimore from there.

In Maryland we saw one guy working on the road, a dust cloud surrounding him from some machinery he was using. One  guy. In yellow and orange. No sign-holders. No traffic jam. Thank you.

I’m writing from a Day’s Inn with an Indian Restaurant attached to it. I love Indian food so I wish we’d known ahead of time and ate here rather than the diner we hit along the way.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Red Canoe Bookstore Cafe, while Max and Karen take a swim in the pool before we head to Raleigh. We’ll hit Richmond along the way and go to the Fountain Bookstore.

It is so good to be on vacation.

Two and a half weeks.

Day 1.

3 responses

  1. Welcome to Baltimore, hope you enjoy your stay. Loved the post and will be interested in the rest of your trip. I plan on doing a day by day on my upcoming fall trip.

    August 17, 2011 at 9:30 pm

  2. amydelrosso

    Hey, Joe. What indie do you plan on hitting up while you’re stopped in Atlanta? I’d love to be able to sneak away for a bit to say “Hi” ..

    August 19, 2011 at 10:08 am

    • Amy- that would be wonderful. I would love to meet up to say hello. Saturday I’ll be going to: bound to be read, eagle eye and a cappella bookstores. My family is going to sightsee while I visit stores and pitch Open Wounds. I’ll let you know times later this evening after we get in to Atlanta to see what works. I have ni idea where the stores are so I wont know till i hit mapquest. I’ll email you with contact info .

      August 19, 2011 at 3:55 pm

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