Open Wounds

Road Trip: Day 3 – Chapel Hill to Greenville

We did a bit too much today.

Two bookstores in Chapel Hill and Raleigh, two in Charlotte, horrible traffic on I-85 heading out of Charlotte, and a warning engine light in the wilds of Kings Mountain Park Road – in the dark – just outside of Blacksburg. Tensions were high. Tears were shed.

Atlanta, our target for the evening, was taken off the agenda and we’re in Greenville.

We’ll call our mechanic tomorrow morning – get some advice. One thing I know little about is cars. I just drive ’em. My wife will handle the call – she at least knows her way around an engine.

There may be some changes to the travel plans. We’ll have to see. More tomorrow morning.

One response

  1. That sucks. I don’t understand how it is I can open up and repair a computer, but I’m completely mystified by internal combustion engines. They scare me. Glad to hear everyone’s okay.

    August 21, 2011 at 12:18 am

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