Open Wounds

Day 10: Sunburn and Scrivener

When you stay in the pool for five hours, in the sun, with sunglasses on, a bathing suit, and only one coat of sunscreen spf50, you are bound to get burned. Oh, and if you’re Polish, Hungarian, Rumanian, Ukrainian and Luthuanian, all mixed together, then you might as well forget the sun screen and go straight to the burn anyway.

I’m toast.

I’m at that part of vacation where I am starting to think about going home. The days are starting to come back into focus. We have one more day at Universal and Harry Potter and then we’re following the hurricane north – riding in its wake.

I’ve been working on a new book. I don’t know if this will be the new book or not. I write slowly and take a while to start putting words on the page. I write some. Leave it sit. Write some more. Leave it sit. This book requires a lot of research so I’m hitting the books and starting to take notes. Usually I take notes on the margins of my books, underlining words, marking the margins to remind myself to come back to this page or that one. Then I put my notes on the computer. At least that’s what I’m doing this time.

With Open Wounds I used hard copy for all my notes and have folders upon folders of notes, timelines, articles, websites, and maps. I over did it for Cid’s story. I did. But I had so much fun doing it. My next blog post I’ll give you a treasure hunt for Open Wounds – see if you can find an un-named celebrity hidden inside it’s covers – one of the details I couldn’t let go of.

This time I’m using Scrivener instead of all those note pads. I’m going straight to the computer with my favorite word processing program, which has all kinds of gadgets and doodads to satisfy the pickiest writer. I got when it was free. Now it’s $45 but I think it’s well worth it. I don’t have stock in their product. I’m just happy with the way it works. It puts WORD to shame as a tool made just for writers. I still only know about 50% of all its uses. I’ve been getting myself tutorialized (they’re pretty good and I can’t learn just by reading or doing. I need some teaching too).

So I’m using the research page.

And creating characters.

And building a new world to put them in, one detail at a time.


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