Open Wounds

Day 12: Downed Trees and the One-eyed Lady

I didn’t know there were any HoJos left (Howard Johnsons). But it seems there are some hotels still hanging around.

Okay. She didn’t have one eye, but one eye was much bigger than the other and bulging a bit like Marty Feldman’s. This was the lovely lady at the HoJo’s we stayed at last night in a nameless town somewhere between Richmond and Savannah who checked us in. I know it’s a long stretch of highway but I’m worried they have a long reach. Let’s just say, we’re hoping to never have to stop at that HoJo’s again.

Some things that worried me:

  • nonsmoking rooms that used to be smoking rooms – I’m sorry but the smell never leaves those rooms.
  • very dark upholstery, bedding, walls – just what are you trying to hide?
  • room doors with holes in them that have been puttied and not painted over – it just doesn’t feel… safe.
  • hotel doors without locks – that speaks for itself.
Some things I noticed on the way home on the stretch between Savannah and Richmond.
  • I-95 is long long long.
  • I-95 has lengths of it that have nothing at all along them but trees and marsh – long lengths.
  • Starbucks in Targets are not as good as stand-alones.
  • The signs for South of the Border are many and colorful – the compound by the interstate bright like a giant collection of christmas lights.
  • Hurricane Irene left its mark along the road with debri and fallen trees – a bit eerie having seen all the footage on TV the day before.
  • JR spends a lot of money on billboards.
  • Sooner or later you’re going to eat at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.
  • Avoid the Waffle Houses.
It’s our last night before we make it home. We’re just outside of DC. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone os on the computer and I’m late to watch it while I type this out.
It’ll be good to be home, collect the dogs, see what’s left of the apartment.
As for the one-eyed lady from HoJos…

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