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The Pink Door and Deli-No-More

ImageI was in Seattle two weeks ago for the third time in a year. It’s for my day job but I had the chance to do some book business. I love going to Seattle. It’s a beautiful city that smells of the ocean and clean air. I don’t know if it has clean air or not I just know it smells nicer than NYC which generally smells, well … ripe.

I did my workshop with the courts and my contractor promoting a federally funded blended (face-to-face and online) learning system, then had an afternoon to myself so … I wandered across the street to the Seattle public library with a copy of my book to see if I could donate a copy.

ImageIf you’ve never seen Seattle’s library it’s an awesome structure. I asked for the YA section. It covers most of a whole floor. I asked to speak to a YA librarian (not knowing the technical lingo for such – though librarian is a cool enough job title in my book, er, you know what I mean). Specialist Carol Lo came and saw me and after nicely hearing my pitch and my idea (I’d like to donate a copy of my book) said there was a whole process in bringing in copies of a new book into the library, but would be glad to take the single book I’d brought and make sure it got into the hands of some young people to read. Then she checked to see if they carried it (why did I assume they didn’t?) and indeed they had a copy.

ImageNow they had two.

This made my day. Thank you for being so helpful, Carol Lo. And thank you Seattle Public Library for carrying my book.

I ran up and down the hills by the waterfront and Pike’s Market early in the morning while the fog was still covering the water and a good part of the city. Im not a big runner (I enjoy having run but not running unless I have a rugby ball in my hands and others are chasing me with the intent to tackle) but I find it’s a great way to check interesting parts of a city out. The waterfront is beautiful.

Dinner at The Pink Door with my colleagues and interesting side trip to a male burlesque show (don’t ask, don’t ask) capped the trip and sent me on my return trip home.

ImageI love the 5-6 hour plane ride with nothing to do but read and write and stare out at the clouds.

ImageAnd I love Deli No More (look at the graffiti all over the walls and ceiling) inside the YWCA. Bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches rock.


2 responses

  1. As I’m sure you know, I am from Seattle. I grew up on Queen Anne Hill, which is that mound just north of the Space Needle, and the one from which all those iconic photos of downtown with Mt. Rainier floating in the distance are taken.

    I love my city so much, and I miss it, but I just couldn’t afford to stay. Because of the real estate and … other reasons.

    But yes, the Pacific Northwest, most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Must see things in the area, in case you ever get there for vacation – Victoria BC, Grouse Mountain above Vancouver, The San Juan Islands, The Olympic National Forest, Snoqualmie Falls, the list goes on.

    As for the Library, it is great, the architecture is amazing. But that’s even cooler that they already had your book. What a great feeling that must have been!

    November 14, 2013 at 6:42 am

    • I know. I thought you’d appreciate the post. So much to see there. But the smell of the air was really something for. It smelled so damned good. Next time I go (probably in winter of the new year) I’ll ask for your suggestions.

      November 14, 2013 at 5:18 pm

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