Open Wounds

OPEN WOUNDS First Sentence Contest!

FIRST LINES CONTEST for signed edition of my novel OPEN WOUNDS.

I love first lines of books. They are a hook for me to enter and they can be powerful tone-setters for the reading experience. Here’s the first line of my book which in effect is a memoir of the boy Cedric Wymann.

“It begins with blood and ends with blood.”

Here’s my challenge for you. Write and sent me an 8 word (or less), one sentence, memoir of the beginning of your life. What words would represent your story, your journey?

Send it to me at one of my readings on the 19th or 27th of this month, through this facebook page or messenger or my email with your email attached. Send it to me before the contest closes on Midnight Saturday, November 28th. I’ll give away 3 signed copies of my book to three winners. Anyone can submit. I’ll be the judge. Winners and runner ups will be published on this facebook page on Monday November 30th!

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