Open Wounds

Contest Winners!

Signature, Drawing, Call to Adventure!

This was a difficult call and it took me an extra week to make it because it was so difficult. Writers agonize over the opening line of their novel. I did. I changed it 5 times over 7 years until I found the right words in the right order.

“It begins with blood and ends with blood.” – Open Wounds

I loved all the lines you came up with. But I have made a decision and the following three are the winners of The Eight Words or Less Memoir Contest for Open Wounds. They are listed below, in no particular order:

“No TV! No movies!” I preferred a beating. – Val Oliver

We were dead poets at the beginning. – David Brown

Father always promised me life would be magical. – Jan Alexander

I can’t wait to read what the three of you make of your opening lines. Please let me know. I will email you all so I can get an address to send your signed copy of Open Wounds. Each of the three books (see above) will have my signature, a unique drawing, and a line in Italian from the book. Colpire Senza Essere Colpito! Read the book to find out what it means! To me it is a call to adventure! Thank you all for participating.

Remember. My book is my best marketing tool so after you read it, please review it and put your review on both Amazon and Goodreads and mention it in a facebook post. Then tell your best friends about Open Wounds, or give copies as a holiday present!

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