Open Wounds

Fundraiser for Fencers Club Veteran’s Programs – Final Virtual Reading of Year

The Fencers Club is my home club. It’s also a community-based not-for-profit organization that works with older adults, children, and Veteran’s, making this wonderful sport available to those who need, but may not have the resources for it. Fencing is both life-long discipline and sport. I’m holding this fundraiser (donate here) to raise money for the Veteran’s Program specifically and for the Club overall as its been hurt terribly by the pandemic. It is the oldest club in the US—around since 1883. It has a part in my novel Open Wounds.

The goals of the Veterans On Guard Program are to:

– Promote physical fitness and emotional well-being in the active duty and honorably discharged military Veteran population.
– Identify and engage disabled and able-bodied Veterans to pursue excellence in fencing, professional development, and community service.
– Provide opportunities for Veterans to integrate into the broader community through fencing, mentoring, sharing knowledge and experiences.
– Create a pipeline for adaptive (wheelchair) fencing for disabled fencers in NYC.Did I mention how much fun fencing is?

Help more veterans to stay fit in body and mind. Come to my virtual reading to benefit the Fencers Club Veteran’s Programs. Donate now or come to hear me read from Open Wounds with actor David Brown and donate on Friday evening the 18th of December 8-9pm EST.

Click this Link to join.

These veterans, men and women, men and women of color, non-binary individuals, persons of trans experience, gay and straight, young and old, helped us. Now let’s help them.

– Special Readings from Novel Open Wounds by author with assistance from actor David Brown.
– Veteran’s Programs Described – VP Members at Fencers Club
– Auction of uniquely (color drawing) signed, Paperback of Open Wounds

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