Open Wounds

Review Two!

This is my second review from a blogger, Lawral the Librarian, and dovetails nicely with Richie’s Picks.  Read her review of Open Wounds at lucy was robbed. Thank you Lawral for the kind words and support for the book!

It’s painful to wait for reviews to come in. I have an image from the movie The Producers in my head, where Zero Mostel and Gene wilder are sitting at the bar across the street from the theatre where Springtime for Hitler is running opening night. Of course they’re waiting for bad reviews so they can make money on a flop. I’m waiting for good reviews so my ego will survive to fight another day.

A bit of trivia. Gene Wilder taught stage fencing at HB Studio before my mentor, Joe Daly did. I heard he was quite good. Can you imagine being taught fencing by Gene Wilder? How about just being taught by him?

I still remember one of my first rejection letters from Amazing Stories when I was a lad of seventeen or eighteen and the editor wrote, “I can’t believe something this disgusting kept my interest for as long as it did. Thanks for sending me this.” It was a story about a guy who goes to the bathroom and has an encounter with a skeleton sitting on the toilet next to him who died in a fire forty years ago sitting in that same spot. I know. I know. But I was young and into skeletons then. Okay. Okay. I still am. But that was my first review. Fortunately… my writing has gotten better.

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