Open Wounds

Jules Feiffer

   I don’t know how old he is but according to the NPR interview I listened to this morning Jules Feiffer is in his 80’s and still teaching writing at Stony Brook University – South Hampton Campus. He’s also still writing and drawing, just finishing a memoir called Backing into Forward.

On the interview he was asked what advice he’d give to a younger Jules Feiffer when he was struggling with his art. He said, “I’d tell him to be kinder to himself. I tell my writing students all the time, just get something down. Then revise it later. Don’t try to be perfect first time out. This way you can be freer with your work. That’s what age has given me – freedom.”

Write something down. Put the commas and question marks and periods in later. You’ll figure out where they go. I like it.

My favorite Jules Feiffer books (and my son’s from when he was smaller) are Bark, George, and The Daddy Mountain. Check ’em out if you got little ones.

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