Open Wounds

Surreal Everbind Redux

I have always had an image of book production from a 1930’s black and white movie – like a newspaper that comes hot off the presses. I pictured a huge machine many geared machine taking up a whole section of a building that inserted paper on one side and sent out a finished book on the other without human hands touching it. I watch way too many old movies. The reality is very different and somewhat surreal. At least it was for my wife, my son, and me when I went to see Open Wounds get bound on Tuesday. My son was thrilled to get a day off rom school but we all figured it was worth it – and it was. What surprised me the most was that a lot of the process is still done by … and that’s as far as I can go. I’m serious. The pr0cess is secret.

I can’t show you all the pictures I took nor can I describe the process because if another binding company saw these they might be tempted to copy or take ideas from what they see and book-binding is an old process whose secret’s are highly guarded. I didn’t see any laser trip wires or guard dogs but I have a good imagination so I added them in. In any case the whole process seemed like magic to us. Pages, covers, dust jackets, and a stack of books at the end of the line ready to be shipped to distributors and bookstores. I love this stuff!


First Batch finished from the binding machine…


Dust Jackets ready to be put on…
That’s my son looking up at us from the pallet with the dust jackets on it.

So when will the book be available in bookstores? They still have to be mailed to distributors and from there to stores so… 2-3 weeks more, depending on how fast the connections are made from place to place. But soon, yes, it’s soon.

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