Open Wounds

Open Wounds has Landed!

Family, Friends, Yogis, Yoginis, Colleagues, Fellow Writers, Ruggers, Fencers, RPCVs:

My book, seven years in the writing, has finally made it out into the world. It has reached the wholesalers, Amazon’s warehouse, and Barnes & Nobles warehouse and, hopefully, to a few bookstores near you. If you’ve ordered your book already it is on the way (you might even have received it by the time you see this!). For those of you who were waiting for the book to be available you should wait no longer and either go to your favorite bookstore and ask for the book in which case it will either be on the shelf or can be ordered. Barnes & Noble is not carrying it in their stores. They have a policy about not carrying YA historical fiction. I don’t know why. I just know it is a policy that I am not the first to fall prey to. You can still influence individual stores by asking for it and ordering it from them. Me… I like independent book stores the best so check out Indie Bound – Open Wounds
for a store near you or order direct from one.  Amazon numbers make the publishing news so that is always a good place to order as a fallback option.
For those of you for whom this is the first time you’ve heard about my writing a book, well… I have. I’ve been writing and sending work out since I was sixteen and it’s been a long, long process. But Open Wounds is my first baby to hit print. I hope you are intrigued enough to look at my website and then put an order in for yourself or your favorite son/daughter/niece/nephew/friend/and so on! It is labeled as a Young Adult book for 15 and over but is a book any adult, I think, would enjoy. YA is its marketing angle but don’t let that stop you.
Now I have a favor to ask. After you read Open Wounds please take a moment and do as much of the following as you feel capable and motivated to do, as these things will all help me to market the book to others and get the word out. I really believe Open Wounds has a chance of building momentum through word of mouth but it’s your word of mouth that counts, not mine. So here’s my task list for all those who enjoy the book and want to help others find it.
  1. Write  a review on any or all of the following three sites (I’ve put in the links). Note you can also write one review and cut and paste into all three sites…
  1. Send me an email about your experience of the book. I love to get mail and will answer any questions/comments sent my way.
  2. Post a review or comments as you read on your Facebook wall. Write to your friends on Facebook about the book. Your friends have friends and they have friends and you can see where this goes… Click here for my facebook page.
  3. Tweet about the book as you read it. Start a group. Create a hashtag and go for it. Let me know too and I’ll be happy to comment as you go. My twitter handle is: @lunievicz.
For all those of you who have been following me all these years, asking every time we’ve met, “Any luck on your book yet?” Finally, the answer is… yes. Thank you for continuing to ask and not giving up on me.

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