Open Wounds

ALA books I put in my suitcase…

Here’s my list. In no particular order:

  • Stick, by Andrew Smith (for me of course!)
  • Kid Beowulf and the Blood-Bound Oath, by Alexis Fajardo (for my son but I’m reading it too! Signed by Alexis. How could I resist – it’s a graphic novel.)
  • Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland, by Alexis Fajardo (for my son but I’m reading it too! book two in the series.)
  • The White Assassin, By Hilary Wagner (for my son a fantasy series – it’s the second book in a series but I couldn’t find the first so I picked it up anyway – nice cover.)
  • Almost Perfect, By Brian Katcher (for me – met the author at coffee klatch speed dating and he signed the book for me!)
  • Bronxwood, by Coe Booth (urban YA looks gritty – for me)
The big catch is Stick. I went to the Feiwel and Friends section and saw the arc on the display wall. I asked just on a lark to see if they had any extra copies and if I could buy one. The wonderful Ksenia Winnicki reached under the table and pulled out a fresh copy… just for me! I can’t believe a snagged a copy. Thank you Ksenia!
Very cool.

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