Open Wounds


Colpira senza essere colpito.

Hit but don’t get hit.

It’s a 16th or 17th century Italian Fencing Master’s motto. Considering it is for duels and not sport it makes sense. It is also Cid Wymann’s (the protagonist of my book Open Wounds) motto. I wrote this on books that I signed yesterday. Selene Castrovilla (Author of Saved by the Music, The Girl Next Door, and Melt) gave me the idea. And I found out it seems most authors have a tagline like this that they sign on their books.

I like the Italian fencing phrase but I have to say when I was signing, I was so nervous I had to write it down and hide it next to me on an index card. Sometimes I spelled it wrong because my hand shook. That could have been the coffee (drinking too much while in NO) or the forgetting to eat lunch (or both). In any case when I told people what it said and meant they seemed to like it. I like it too.

It seems to fit.

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