Open Wounds

ALA New Orleans

First, I don’t care how slow you walk. you’re still going to sweat. I tried to walk slower but it didn’t help. I still sweat. It’s 90+ and humid as hell in New Orleans. Running along the Mississippi this morning at 6 am, then a little moon salutation to try to cool down (nothing worked) and soaked, soaked, soaked. I’m drinking way too much iced coffee and my feet are killing me (walking slow slow slow the 45 minutes to the gigantic convention center which is cavernous!

You’d think I’m complaining but I’m not. I’m having a blast. I love to walk and the heat just makes me sweat abut then everyone is sweating so I’m in good company.

Early this morning, walking back to the hotel after my morning heat up and cool down I noticed how many bars were still open. Here’s a choice piece of dialog that needs to make it into a story.

“I swear to God it’s the first time I’ve danced on a bar.”

“No it’s not.”

“I swear to God I’ve never done it before.”

“Yes you have.”

The party really never stops.

So back to ALA. I signed books for two hours today and was thrilled to see that all fifty books were gone before I was finished. I had the best time talking to people about the book and doing the author thing. It totally made me smile. I used a sharpie black pen to sign books just like I’d been told to. I came up with a tag line to sign with (I’ll let you know that in another entry!). Only what I thought was the signature page – well… now I’m not sure it’s the signature page. Is it the blank page in the beginning with the title on it or is it the page with the cover image on it? Some I signed on one and some on the other. The perils of authorship. I also met a bunch of Westside Authors and they are the best. A good crew of nice people who also happen to be writers. More about them in other entries because I’ve read a bunch of their books too and want to review them.

Also went to Octavia Bookstore and Garden District Book Store and want to talk about them too. And…. oh this was the best … I stopped by New Orleans Fencers Club tournament and watched fencing matches for two hours and talked a bit about my book. the fencing was awesome. I wish I had brought my gear. Man I miss that stuff.

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